Not Sure What to Fix?

Ready to ditch marketing complacency and embrace small business marketing perfection, but not sure where to start? Below are the most common areas of opportunity.

3 Ways to Avoid Small Business Marketing Complacency:

1.  Understand what your prospects want

  • When was the last time you did a survey or asked your prospects why they buy your products and services?

2.  Lead generation

  • How many did you generate last month? Do you know what's limiting the response to your marketing?
  • Is your copy working?
  • Is your layout effective?
  • Do the images support the message?
  • How could you double your response rate?

3.  Conversion rates

  • What percentage of your prospects become paying clients? What's getting in the way of converting twice as many?
  • Is your offer working?
  • Is your follow-up system working?
  • Why aren't more people buying?

If you started off the year marketing the same way you did last year, you'll generate the same results at best.

Are you satisfied with this? Or are you one of those people who is always looking for a better way?

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