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In this fast-changing world, running a profitable business can be tricky. You'll have many opportunities if you adopt a sound marketing plan and stick to it. You just have to start.

If you've been depending on referrals (word of mouth advertising) as a way to find new customers, and this has worked for the past several years, you may resist the idea of engaging in an additional or new marketing approach. That's okay. Just realize that focusing on referrals IS a system of marketing. Continue with it by all means. If you want to simply increase your quantity of referrals, and thus multiply the number of happy customers spreading good news about your company, then consider a marketing strategy that will do this for you. By marketing strategy, we mean a plan laying out ideas that are tailored to your business, your customers. It means a marketing approach that is practical, affordable and doable.

" The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time." - Thomas Jefferson

Using strategy, creativity and technology, we create marketing communications that generate impact and action. 

Here are what we consider the marketing fundamentals (it's not a rocket science): 

•  What to say (message)

•  Who to say it to (target publics)

•  How to say it so it arrives (content)  

•  What communication channels to say it on (printed material, website, signage, billboards, internet ads, social media, TV screens, cinema screens, radio, recorded disks, word of mouth... and so on).

If you work these things out, and stay consistent about it, you will get results!

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